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The Vermonter Basket (Gift Basket)

The Vermonter Basket (Gift Basket)


As the old Vermonter's would say, "Jeezum Crow, I tell ya, if yer lookin for an awesome gift basket this is the one!"  

A whole lot of Vermont in a basket!  All those things that come to mind when you think of Vermont wrapped into one big sweet gift basket.  Award winning Vermont Maple Syrup, Fresh Vermont Cream and Butter, Snowflakes, Cows, Micro Brew Craft Beer, flannel, how do we put it all together?  Here is your answer.

(1) 6 pc milk and dark chocolate coated Vermont Maple Creams made with real Vermont Maple Syrup.

(1) 6 pc milk and dark chocolate assorted Truffles made with fresh Vermont Cream and Butter.

(1) 6 pc milk and dark chocolate coated Sea Salt Caramel made with fresh Vermont Cream.

(1) 4 pc milk and dark chocolate coated Micro Brew Beer Caramels made with a local Micro Brew Craft Beer sprinkled with light sea salt and hops.

1 molded chocolate cow

(1) 4oz bag maple malt balls

I milk or dark chocolate Flannel Bar (type may vary)

1 white chocolate molded snowflake 

2 chocolate coated Oreo cookies (milk and dark chocolate)

All of this sweet deliciousness is stuffed into a cozy red and black buffalo plaid box or similar box wrapped up and tied with a bow.  You don't have to go far in Vermont to find someone wearing the  buffalo plaid shirt print no matter what the season.  

One of our most popular gift boxes!  Enjoy!

Basket may differ from photo.


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