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Fall Splendor Maple Leaf

Fall Splendor Maple Leaf


These hand painted maple leaves are inspired by the magic of a Vermont Autumn.  Although our palette can never rival Mother Nature's what we lack in natural beauty we more than make up for in taste.  Each mold is first hand painted and like nature no two leaves are the same.  After the colored white chocolate has set the molds are then filled with either milk or dark chocolate.  If you are missing the New England fall, this leaf will bring back the memories of chilly mornings, sun warmed days and cold crisp nights.   For anyone who has experienced the overwhelming beauty of autumn in Vermont this glorious painted leaf with fill your heart with nostalgia.   Share the memories or delight in your own.   

Leaves are packaged individually in a cellophane bag tied with a coordinating bow.  (No raking required. ;)

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