The First Day of Candy Canes

The first Saturday of the first weekend of November always brings the first day of candy cane making for the season.  Phew that's a lot of firsts right?  This little cherub in the picture is Izzy, 5th generation candy maker.  Izzy was busy today making her own candy canes.  The perks of growing up in a chocolate family.  How many kids get to do that?

Candy cane making is a little tense in these parts. I know other business's do it and pull it off without a hitch but for some reason it is always and big deal around here.  Candy canes = anxiety.  Perhaps it has something to do with the powerful personalities in this family added to the fact that you have to move consistently when you are making them.  After all once the candy starts to cool it is difficult to pull the candy and the canes start to crack when you hook.  A lot of pressure let me tell you. I prefer to stay in the packing area where the biggest pressure is a perfect bow and trying  not to break the candy cane.

Now this brings me to the other part of candy cane making.  The "Chart" as pictured.  The Candy Cane Wall of Shame.

Every season candy cane baggers have "issues".  Sometimes the canes just break.  There is no explanation for it.  Sometimes there is an explanation for it.  But let me tell you it is a big deal.  A very big deal when you break a candy cane.  It is exactly like dropping your lunch tray in a middle school cafeteria.  Everyone stops and stares, and then there is the clapping.  At this point one must shamefully admit or make up pitiful excuses as to why there is a broken candy cane.  It doesn't matter either way you get a mark on the chart.  As you can see, day one Betsy is the villain.  I wasn't here when the crime was committed but I am told she is claiming not guilty.  It doesn't matter there is not judicial process. I believe she was left holding the bag. ;)


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I watched the piece on wcax about your candy canes. I would like to know where i can purchase them! Id love to add them to my Christmas gifts!


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