Meet The Family

Meet The Family

Getting to know the “Snowflake Family” is important. The people behind the product so to speak. What sets us apart from other candy makers in Vermont? We are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation candy makers working together. Here is a quick breakdown so that in future blogs you know who I am talking about.

Papa/Dad/Bob/Mr. P - He is the Boss man. 2nd generation candy maker who started this whole thing in Vermont. A generally all around friendly guy until the enrober breaks down. In which case I’m not sure who that guy is.

Mum Mum/Mom/Martha/Mrs. P  -  She is the Boss lady. There is some indecision as to who is the real Boss here. You make the choice in the moment. Technically, Mom has retired. Except for when she comes out to the shop and has an opinion in which case she is back to work.

Dianne/Aunt Dianne/ Vern - First born of the five siblings she gets to be Switzerland. Everybody tattles to her and she just listens never taking sides but imparts great wisdom. Her nickname “Vern” short for “Vernessa”, is used when we need her expert advice with computers. Unlike the rest of us she has a “real” job during the day but is a crucial piece of the puzzle here as head of IT and decorating, not to mention all around Girl Friday.

Betsy/Aunt Betsy/The shark – 2nd born in the sibling line. The only blonde in the family. She is our financial wiz kid and amazing number cruncher. Sometimes we refer to her as the office troll depending on her mood. We sisters are not always kind to one another. The nickname shark pretty much speaks for itself. She is most impressive when it comes to finding the best deal on everything we need to keep the shop running. And God forbid if we are off on the end of day register settlement.

Bobby/Uncle Bob - 3rd born the poor guy is the only boy stuck between 4 girls. It is both his fortune and misfortune depending on who you are talking to. We pretty much drove him out of the country but he does visit and works diligently next to Dad when he is here. And so he deserves some type, plus I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Because we really do love him.

Sharon/Sharbo/Teti – 4th in line, that’s me, I was the baby Until shelly was born and yes I am still in therapy over that. 3rd generation candy maker. I am the voice of Snowflake Chocolates on the radio. I am pretty much Public Relations, Social Media, Human Resources, website, mail order and the store manager when we have complaints. A lot of different hats but it works out ok because I have attention issues.

Shelly/Aunt Shelly/Bob JR – She is the Baby. (yes I am bitter). Whoever thinks they are boss is usually duking it out with Shelly. She is the packaging and production queen. She is 3rd Generation candy maker and the glue and energy that keeps this business running. Her energy and dedication is admirable. I have a lot of chocolate stories to tell about her but they can wait for another blog.

Alex/Big Al/Al - Fondly referred to as the kitchen manager by his grandfather he is our 4th generation candy maker. Learning everything by his grandfather’s side he is indeed the future of Snowflake Chocolates. Poor Sap. Say a prayer for him he works with his mother (me Sharon) 3 Aunts and his grandmother. There is nothing he can do completely right in a day. Trust me.

That my friends is just the beginning of family in the business. More to come in the next blog.

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