In Defense of the Peanut

Today Roxy and I spent some time conversing over peanuts.  I know it sounds like a rather strange topic of conversation but here is how it all began.  Roxy's job for the morning was to weigh and bag two cartons of "fancy nuts" for resale.  So we pondered over the box of fancy nuts.  There are no peanuts in a box of fancy nuts.  So the question is who decided that peanuts are not fancy nuts? Peanuts have feelings too.

Somewhere along the way someone made the decision that a peanut was lower class in the nut world.  Like it's not good enough to be in the bag of "fancy nuts". Oh sure, it's good enough to be in moms, in peanut brittle, peanut butter, trail mix and all kinds of other things.  But "fancy nuts" nooooo.  The poor peanut does all the work but is never invited to the party.  Good enough to hang out with on a daily basis but don't bother when the fancy dishes come out.  Sure peanuts can hang out with beer.  But where is the peanut when you break out the champagne? Again, nowhere to be seen.

Poor peanuts always unappreciated and overlooked.  The peanut is like that relative that is always there but never appreciated.  You know the one that brings over the home made mac and cheese dish when you have a baby in the 50 year old casserole dish.  While she is there she changes all the beds, washes all your floors, cleans the bathroom and vacuums the whole house.  When she leaves your belly is full and there is enough left overs to eat for a week. Everyone has a peanut relative.  Full of protein and energy and always showing the love.

While all the other "fancy nuts' hang out in a bag looking all pretty tied up with a bow, the peanut is out working hard.  Sure sometimes an almond might jump out and get all worked up into bark but what's the big deal about that?  Not a lot of imagination or thought goes into that.  Totally one dimensional..  And pecans?  Big whoop they are only happy teamed up with caramel in a turtle, or showing off in a pie. 

Don't feel bad for the peanuts though. They might not get to hang out with all the "fake" fancy nuts but they have a life long best friend in popcorn.

I am a peanut and I approve this message.

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