A Leap of Faith...

A Leap of Faith...

Change is never easy.  How cliché right?  But alas it is the truth.  Thirteen years ago today we put our foot into the world of e-commerce with our first website.  It was a huge leap of faith at the time. Today we take another leap going live with a whole new website that we have been working on for months.

A labor of love and arguments it has been, as four sisters worked diligently on different parts with Mom and Dad weighing in from time to time. Family is what makes us different in this Vermont chocolate business.  Family is what sometimes makes things difficult.

We have different degrees of computer knowledge between us all.  This can work to our advantage as we know our customers also have different computer knowledge.  It also frustrates the heck out of the sisters that are more comfortable with computers.  I tell a sister (she will remain unnamed) that I don't get it and give her my deer in the headlights look.  Try as she might to remain composed I can read the look in her eyes that translates to "Are you kidding me?"  In the end she patiently explains step by step what I need to do.  I write it down painstakingly so I can learn it.  We are a work in progress. 

I find this website to be amazing.  Our photographer Jeff Clark worked diligently and very efficiently with my sister Shelly.  Together they produced photos that make your mouth water and beckon you to look at each product.  That is the point right?  I cannot speak enough to the professionalism, encouragement and dedication from Chris and Geoff from Earthlogic.  What an amazing crew they have.

To my sisters, Betsy, Shelly and Dianne. We worked through this together.  We argued about certain things we each liked but came to an agreement to put this together. Kudos to all of us.

Every day in a family business is about compromise.  This website is a testament to what happens when people work together. Our website is not just a place to purchase the best chocolate ever (although please do I have a wedding to pay for), it is a place to get to know our business and our family.

Take this giant leap of faith with us!  Look around and spend some time drooling over products, reading about the family and checking out our picture gallery.  We work hard here.  We like to have fun.  Sometimes we are a big "hot mess".  We are human, we are family.  Snowflake Chocolates...Where tradition and taste come together.

And remember...Snowflake Chocolates always say "Welcome Home"!



P.S. Farewell to our old old site...




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