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Glowflake Greetings! (Traditional Assortment)

Glowflake Greetings! (Traditional Assortment)


Greet your peeps near and far with our stunning Glow Flake Greetings Assortment.  Enjoy smooth, hand rolled creams bursting with flavor, crunchy nut clusters and the delights of buttery caramel,  and peanut butter melt-a-ways to just name a few of the treats in this beauty of a box.  Each box is wrapped in gorgeous blue paper with snowflakes, coordinating ribbon that ties on a sparkling  acrylic snowflake ornament.  This ornament is a beautiful reminder of you that will sparkle on a tree or to catch sunny rays in the window through cold winter months.

24 piece/12oz 

Available in milk and dark chocolate only.

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