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Snowflake Bentley Assortment

Snowflake Bentley Assortment


Wilson A. Bentley or "Snowflake Bentley" as affectionately known to the locals is world renowned for his pioneering work with snow crystals/snowflakes.  Over his lifetime Snowflake Bentley would capture more than 5000 snowflake images using photomicrography never finding two alike.  His work was acquired by colleges and universities though out the world.  

Snowflake Chocolates proudly presents the Snowflake Bentley Box commemorating our local legend and his work.  The mold for the central snowflake in this collection was designed from an original Wilson A. Bentley photomicrograph from the archives of the Jericho Historical Society. Hand painted with white chocolate and filled with premium dark or milk chocolate this mold is an absolute stunning centerpiece to this assortment.

A charming sweet gift with a delightful story behind it.  A card with a picture of Snowflake Bentley and his story is included in each box.  This assortment makes a fabulous gift for those who celebrate all winter holidays!

Available in milk in dark chocolates mixed with a choice of a milk chocolate center snowflake or a dark chocolate center snowflake. 

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