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Elegant Celebration

Elegant Celebration


Elegant Celebration is just another twist on the the three tier box of sweetness. Whether we are classy or country the taste is still fabulous! The bottom tier boasts a caramel lovers treat full of our mouthwatering caramel flavors such as, chocolate fudge caramel, beer stout caramel, sea salt caramel and traditional caramel. The middle tier lets you enjoy the wonder of caramel pecan turtles, along with our best selling luscious, buttery, crunchy almond butter crunch. And let us not forget those who long for the snap of a good fresh nut coated in the best milk and dark chocolate ever. All these sweets packed up in a stunning elegant gold box tied up with a gorgeous ribbon to finish it all. This is a spectacular gift sure to make a lasting impression.

20 oz.


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